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19th of April 2018: Digital Business Transformation Conference

The newly built Ericsson House provided the perfect location for the event attended by 120 company executives.  

The invited speakers, represented different industries a company culture had one important thing in common: the drive and passion to be change makers in digital transformation. 

Roland Jakab (Ericsson) gave an interesting presentation about the top 10 digital trends in 2018. As an example, 20 billion connected IoT devices in 2023.

A presentation by Taira-Julia Lammi followed revealing the digital journey of ABB in industrial digitalization. She also introduced YUMI, the robot to the audience whose name comes from You+Me, symbolizing the co-work among humans and machines.

Sándor Baja provided an insight into HR in the digital world. One of the most interesting questions was asked: how will digitalization influence the future of work? Sándor explained based on the global business insights of Randstad.

Gizella Ménesi (Nexon) pointed out that because of the increasing labor shortages and skill deficits, quickly changing environment HR departments can find it challenging to adjust. On the other hand increasingly capable HR applications, mobile technology, big data, on-line learning and social collaboration tools also offer vast business opportunities. change how we live, work and communicate. Stijn van Otten, leader of the Innovation Lab of Business Lease shared the learnings of transforming a family car company in a digital mobility provider. He emphasized the rapid change of frontrunners in the emerging markets and the drivers behind the shift from ownership to usership.

Gabor Váradi (TMF Group) explained how digital applications assure speedy controlling and a fast reimbursement process. Putting travel and expense management on a new level also has an effect on employer branding. 

Balázs Erényi’s (WSI) workshop on Social Selling answered the following questions: How can we manage sales performances in a digitalized working environment? How can one master finding and engaging with prospects (and customers) online.

Agnes Galambos taught about the concept of Learning to go. The blended learning solutions of Krauthammer utilize the latest digital tools in order to suit the constantly changing demand of learning new skills. 

Dóra Cseresnyés addressed a very hot topic as well: How to stay personal in a digital world? Dora explained how important empowering people is and how this pays off and gave insight into the programs Sigma Technology offers for its leaders, influencers and makers.

Tamás Szépvölgyi (Sanoma Mobile Development Center) discussed how companies adapt to mobile and connected solutions slowly, while executives and employees manage their lives on mobile devices already. What is the best way to prepare your company for the mobile tsunami? The answer lays in a detailed execution plan from mapping internal digital readiness all the way to changing the company culture.

Johan Eidhagen walked the audience through the latest initiatives and examples how Wizz Air is using digital in house and in the daily work, and what kind of digital transformation is expected with the upcoming growth in aircraft.

The event was closed by a Klaxoon game, prizes included participation opportunity at a Krauthammer open training, a test drive in a BMWi3 offered by Business Lease and a copy of the book ‘Digital Minds’, provided by WSI.

We thank ABB, Signa Technology and Ericsson for their support in realizing the event.




Photo credit: Péter Jekken
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